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Welcome to M34 Tactical!

Building high quality functional tools and self-defense devices.


Here at M34 Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you high quality functional tools at a low cost. We build “small run” custom tools using the right steel for the intended tool application. We are a small shop with very little over head. In today’s economy we cut cost in things like packaging, marketing, and flyers. We do not cut functionality, and quality. We are also lucky that some great local shops volunteer their time and equipment to help, in return we help them. We don’t know how long we can keep the cost low but we are trying.
Keep America Great!

............All PRODUCTS MADE IN USA!........NO Shipping outside the USA!.............. All PRODUCTS MADE IN USA!..................All PRODUCTS MADE IN USA!...Check it out!!...............NO Shipping outside the USA!............

In stock

Also goes very well with the Bushmaster ACR

And the Magpul accessories

Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (ARMT)

The Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (ARMT) was designed for the military mainly for field stripping and quick repairs to the AR-15. It was quickly found that the ARMT fits many other useful roles and rifles. This tool also doubles for a close combat self-defense weapon if needed. The ARMT is made from High Quality 4140-PH Steel, then heat treated and coated with Mil-Spec Nitro-Tec.
Total Certified core hardness is 58 HRC. 
Total case hardness will equal about 61-63 HRC.
ARMT is 7 1/4 inches long and almost 2 1/4 inches tall.
Total Weight - 5.5 OZ
The ARMT is flat black in color. To get a deeper color rub with house hold or gun oil.
Made in the USA!

Quick List of Some of the things the ARMT can do...

  • 3 common Allen keys to add, remove, or snug accessories
  • Allen keys double for a pin punch
  • 10mm screwdriver for the buttstock screws, scraping, and prying
  • Remove or Tighten Notched Flash Hiders
  • Push out Takedown pins
  • Remove Firing Pin
  • Remove bolt cam
  • Remove bolt assembly from carrier
  • Tighten or loosen bolt carrier key
  • Tighten or loosen Castle Nut
  • Carbon scraper
  • Phillips P2 hex bit driver
  • SQ2 hex bit driver
  • Last resort self defense tool
  • At 7 1/4 in long and 2 1/4 in tall, still small enough to fit in your pocket to carry everyday for all sorts of other projects.

"Those on the hunt to find a compact AR tool package may find interest in this tool from M34 Tactical. The ARMT (Assault Rifle Multi-tool) finds a balance of adding quite a few tool functionalities while still offering a nice grip that is uncommon in similar type tools."
     Check out the article on our ARMT from Mil Spec Monkey!!

"John Coctosin, armorer for the fabled Dogtown Rangers Militia, recommends this multi-tool as the cure for all the ills of AR sufferers."
    Quote from Sipsey Street Irregulars

ARMT also works great with the Bushmaster ACR and many Magpul products!      



He we are on page 10 in the Combat Tactics Magazine Fall 2011 edition!





The M34 Push Dagger
* Made with USA 4140ph Steel
* 3/16 thick steel
* Nitrotec Coated
* Rockwell hardness ~58 HRC
* 3 inch Blades
* Blood Groove
* Knife Weight -2.62 OZ

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* Made with USA 1095 Blade Steel
* 3/16 thick steel
* Rockwell hardness ~50 HRC
* 4 inch Blade
* Knife Weight - ~9.5 oz

Total Length = 9 in
Total width = 2.5 in

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* Made with USA 1095 Blade Steel
* 3/16 thick steel
* 2 inch Blade
* Knife Weight - ~2.5 oz

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Last One Left!
Grease Monkey Gen2
Great for a "Go bag" or just to keep in a tool box.
The Grease Monkey is an all metric wrench with 16 sizes,from 4mm through 18mm.
The High Quality 4140-PH Steel, heat treatment and Mil-Spec Nitro-Tec coating was a complete success on the ARMT. We decided to use it again for our new Grease Monkey Wrench. Here at M34 Tactical like that tough "Overbuilt" feel and performance. Why carry 15 different wrenches, a pry bar, and bottle opener, when you can carry one tool!

Total Weight - 7.25 OZ

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The M34 DSS-R designed for escape.

The DSS-R is a quick get-away self-defense device.
The DSS-R stands for Drag, Slash, Stab, then Run. It is meant to be held with the blade opposite of the index finger, similar to holding a dagger. Can be held the other way for more precision cutting.   
Here in 1095 at 58 HRC Rockwell hardness.
Black Oxide Coated.
Blade size: 1 7/8" edge
Overall: 6 1/2"
Knife Weight 2.62 OZ
Sheath: Kydex Sheath w/ Cord

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Sold Out
Combat Rescue Knife or (M34CRK)
The M34 C.R.K. designed for rescue and close quarters combat.
This knife is made out of EB-450 custom steel with a proprietary coating process.
The Knife features:
 - Hex Bit Carrier
 - Hex Bit Holder
 - Face-Cracker
 - Skull-Cracker
 - Glass-Breaker
 - Kydex Sheath

C.R.K. Specs
- 2 inch Blade
- 7 1/2 inch over all length
- 2 1/4 inch height
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Knife Care

Q: How should I care for my fixed blade knife/Tool?

Keeping your knife clean, dry, oiled and sharp are the primary defenses against corrosion, wear, and potential injury. Practicing proper care for your knife will extend the life as well as increase its durability and reliability. Keep your knife clean. Be sure to clean the blade and handle after each use - however, do not soak your knife in water, particularly if you have a knife with leather handles. A mild solution of soap and water should remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated during use (avoid harsh detergents such as laundry or dish soap, and chlorine products).

Keep your knife dry. After cleaning or after exposure to moisture be sure to completely dry your knife blade and handle, taking special care with any sensitive handle materials, like leather. Use a soft cotton cloth or chamois and a small amount of moisture-displacing oil (such as WD-40, Gun oil or 3-in-1), on the blade only, to prevent water spots and oxidation from forming. Tools with Nitro-Tec or Black oxide you can Oil the entire tool and then wipe excess oil off.  

Keep your knife oiled. Fingerprints and weather are the primary causes of rusting or corrosion on a knife blade. To keep your knife looking its best we recommend that you give your blade a light coat of oil after each cleaning, and prior to long term storage (you may need to re-apply oil more frequently if you live in humid or marine environments). If you knife is kept in storage it is recommended to use a desiccant to remove moisture in the air. Please note that even stainless steel will rust without proper maintenance.

Keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife is safer and easier to use than a dull one. If you are new to sharpening blades we recommend that you invest in a fixed-angle sharpening kit, so that you ensure a consistent grind from tip to base - we also recommend that you practice your sharpening skills on your old kitchen cutlery first, before working on your knife.

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