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Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (A.R.M.T.)


Photo from loesshillstactical.com

Patent Pending XX/XXX,X07




The Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (ARMT) was designed for the military mainly for field stripping and quick repairs to the AR-15 while the weapon is warm. It was quickly found that the ARMT fits many other useful roles and rifles. This tool also doubles for a close combat self-defense weapon if needed. The ARMT is made from High Quality 4140-PH Steel, then heat treated and coated with Mil-Spec Nitro-Tec.
Total Certified core hardness is 58 HRC. 
Total case hardness will equal about 61-63 HRC.
ARMT is 7 1/4 inches long and almost 2 1/4 inches tall.
Total Weight - 5.5 OZ
The ARMT is flat black in color. To get a deeper color rub with house hold or gun oil.
Made in the USA!

The ARMT features:
3 Allen keys, 7/64, 9/64, 1/8
(The Allen Keys also double for a Pin Punch)
1 built in 10mm screwdriver
2 place 1/4 hex bit carrier
   Comes with:
      1 #2 Phillips hex bit, made from S2 tool steel 
      1 SQ2 hex bit, made from S2 tool steel 
1 built in hex bit holder
5 High quality Buna-n o-rings to hold bits in place
The ARMT is Ambidextrous and fits most hands!

Quick List of Some of the things the ARMT can do...

  • 3 common Allen keys to add, remove, or snug accessories
  • Allen keys double for a pin punch
  • 10mm screwdriver for the buttstock screws, scraping, and prying
  • Remove or Tighten Notched Flash Hiders
  • Push out Takedown pins
  • Remove Firing Pin
  • Remove bolt cam
  • Remove bolt assembly from carrier
  • Tighten or loosen bolt carrier key
  • Tighten or loosen Castle Nut
  • Carbon scraper
  • Phillips P2 hex bit driver
  • SQ2 hex bit driver
  • Last resort self defense tool
  • At 7 1/4 in long and 2 1/4 in tall, still small enough to fit in your pocket to carry everyday for all sorts of other projects.

3 common allen keys to add, remove, or snug accessories

Allen key doubles for a pin punch

10mm screwdriver for the buttstock

Loosen or Tighten Accessories

ARMT on Harris Bipod

Loosen or Tighten Key Parts

Remove Firing Pin

Remove bolt assembly from carrier

Remove bolt cam

Carbon scraper

Carbon scraper

Loosen or Tighten Accessories

Remove or Tighten Notched Flash Hiders

Remove or Tighten Notched Flash Hiders

SQ2 hex bit in holder Also has Phillips


Tighten or loosen Castle Nut

Tighten or loosen Castle Nut


Feels good in your hand

Can be held the in either direction


US Customers Only
Price: $44
Shipping: Domestic $7.00 USD
Items will not be shipped out of the USA.

NITROTEC ® (NITRIDING OXIDISING PROTECTION) is a patented thermochemical

(diffusion) process during which the outer layer of iron alloys is

nitrocarburised, then oxidised,quenched and impregnated.

NITROTEC ® combines the advantageous properties of

nitrocarburising (wear resistance,improvement of fatigue resistance,

minimal deformation) with a high resistance against atmospheric

corrosion, a high elastic limit and an attractive black appearance.
(What that means? It is currently used by many AR-15 and automotive manufacturers!)

Buna-N (Nitrile) O-Rings - Excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, water and alcohols. Nitrile also has good resistance to acids and bases.
Temperature Range: –55° to 120°C (–65° to 248°F).


"Those on the hunt to find a compact AR tool package may find interest in this tool from M34 Tactical. The ARMT (Assault Rifle Multi-tool) finds a balance of adding quite a few tool functionalities while still offering a nice grip that is uncommon in similar type tools."

     Check out the article on our ARMT from Mil Spec Monkey!!

"John Coctosin, armorer for the fabled Dogtown Rangers Militia, recommends this multi-tool as the cure for all the ills of AR sufferers."
    Quote from Sipsey Street Irregulars




We here at M34 Tactical or any of  M34 Tactical affiliates are not responsible for your actions or what you decide to do with our equipment. Please exercise common sense or serious injury could result! Also check with your local and state laws first. If this is unclear in any way, please do not purchase and email your questions to info@m34tactical.com Thanks!