Federal Target Is A Best Buy

In a match-up of 20 rimfire brands, this $5-a-hundred budget small-game bullet beat up on several pricey products.   Testing ammo in a handgun suitable for hunting, a S&W; Model 17, we found some inexpensive
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Long-Range Hunting Rounds

Weatherby’s new, powerful cartridge outhits Remington’s Westerner—but the 7mm round is more affordable and matches up nicely with midsized game. Hunters who need to shoot across big fields— and who can do so accurately—may like
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Bolt Gun

Ruger’s .308 Bolt Gun

The M77RBZ rifle outshot Winchester’s Featherweight and Browning’s A-Bolt II Stainless Stalker—and it cost less. The Browning A-Bolt II Stainless Stalker com- bines a synthetic stock and stainless metal to make a weather-resistant rifle package.
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Safari And Trophy Bonded

These rounds from Remington and Federal showed speed, power, and expansion qualities we liked. Losers: Two Federal loads that turned to shrapnel.   The Remington Safari Grade Swift A-Frame 200-grain bullet. Proper shot placement does
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Review: Taurus 605 Revolver

This Brazilian five round small caliber revolver, offers much more than it can be expected at first glance. Its simple construction belies its effectiveness. Add to that the fact it can be acquired for half
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Women and Glock Pistols

No more Damsels in distress. Now the ladies are arming themselves with the weapons and knowledge to use them. Glock, the leading manufacturer of dependable, proven hand guns, is the weapon of choice. Women shooters
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Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (ARMT)

The Assault Rifle Multi-tool or (ARMT) was designed for the military mainly for field stripping and quick repairs to the AR-15 while the weapon is warm. It was quickly found that the ARMT fits many
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Glock 38 gen 3 Review

Glock has developed a .45-caliber cartridge that matches in a 9mm-size gun. Called the .45 GAP (Glock Auto Pistol), this cartridge is a .45-caliber bullet in a 9mm case. Glock revealed the cartridge from the
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