Black Combat Boots

Black combat boots used to be just for certain crowds mimicking the military, but now, it’s a very stylish trend, and the latest styles reflect that. There is more than just your basic pair of combat boots available, with different colors, styles, and even embellishments to choose from. Combat boots are now a staple that should be found in everyone’s closet.

It was once an insult to say that a woman wore combat boots, but fashion designers have created many different styles just for women based on classic essential combat boots, adding height to both the calf area and also to the heel, creating patterns with embellishments such as rhinestones and studs like the ones from Breckelle’s, and even using different colors and materials, resulting in many variations of the black combat boots of the past.

Harly Davidson Black Combat Boots

Harley Davidson has always produced combat boots, and one of their latest editions is a pair of distressed leather boots. These look like they have been worn for years, except the soles are in new shape.

Others by Harley Davidson are designed to wear well and keep looking new for a long time, such as their women’s boots.

Breckelle’s offers super-tall black combat boots, with lace up tops (). These are sure to be durable and wear well, no matter what environment you wear them in.

Volatile produces a pair of black combat boots for the ladies in a super-tall model. These are sure to be super chic with a flirty mini or cropped shorts. Combat boots have been known for years to be tough, and also comfortable, even though they are heavier than other boots.

The styles available make these more versatile than other boots are, and the basic color means that they will go with any colors you are wearing. Heels and shaft sizes are all available in different heights and lengths now, so there’s no reason to let a too short or a too tall heel height or calf length deter you from getting your own pair of combat boots.

If black isn’t your color, finding a different color of your liking is easy enough to do. If you’re hesitant about the weight of regular combat boots, try something that is lighter weight and made of synthetics instead of genuine leather.

Most combat boots are made of the very thickest leather possible, and this adds to the weight of the boots. Combat boots made of synthetics are much lighter and can also be found with bright and bold patterns. Regardless of your preferences, there is a pair of combat boots out there, waiting for you. All you have to do is choose, and enjoy!

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