Today everyone knows what a flashlight is. It is not a big deal if you own one. However in the 19th century that was not the case. Thanks to David Misell around the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century a small battery charged devices were introduced which could generate light in a short period. It was a real revelation. Preceding the flashlight and necessary condition to be developed was the battery with a dry cell. These batteries as we all know today use paste electrolyte therefore they are much safer than any other alternative.

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8.3tech score

Many people believe that the AlumiTact X700 is an updated version of the LumiTact G700. The truth is however that the X700 is a replica of the Lumitact G700 in a different packaging. Despite this fact, many of our readers still want to learn more about the X700, and therefore we’ve purchased the AlumiTact X700 so we can truly see if it’s worth the $56 we’ve spent on it.

Brightness & Lumen Power

The X700 zoom can reach up to 2,000 feet on a full battery capacity. The light beam is so bright that you can blind a person with it from 300 feet. When compared with the G700 the reach is only slightly better, but the brightness level is almost the same.

Led Technology

Most tactical flashlights use tiny LEDs to create light. The X700 uses a larger LED chip that is 30 times stronger than conventional LEDs.

The discovery of the improved LED hardware was originally introduced by Lumitact while they were manufacturing flashlights for the US military. Since Alumitact is a partner company to Lumitact, they are one of the few businesses that are licensed to produce the new LED hardware.

Features & Modes

The X700 has multiple features and modes that can be separated into two categories; focus modes and light modes.

Focus modes

By simply stretching and squeezing the flashlight you can change the radius of the beam. You can take it from very widely dispersed to a small square spotlight.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Light modes

By simply half pressing the green button on the back you can change the light in any of the following modes:

  • Continuous light
  • Strobe light
  • SOS light

Material & Manufacturing

The X700 body is made from a single piece of carbonized aluminum. This material makes it extremely robust and crashes resistant.

The optical zoom lens that allows the adjustable focus feature is made out of softly polished solid glass similar to the one used to manufacture camera lenses.

The X700 is designed and manufactured in the United States in Minneapolis under the highest US factory standards.

Battery Life & Recharging Options

The $56 X700 package comes with 3 AAA 4,2-volt batteries, a free battery charger, and an extra car charger. It takes no more than an hour to charge the 4,2-volt battery fully and once it’s fully charged it can last for days.


Company Background

As I mentioned above, Alumitact is a relatively new company based in Minneapolis. The X700 is their only product at the moment, and according to a recent interview with the co-founder, they currently work very hard on improving the lumen power of their upcoming models.


The regular free shipment price for the X700 is $224, but if you purchase using the discounted link below, you can get it for only $56 with free delivery included and a bonus key-chain flashlight.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Flashlight: $56

-3 Flashlights: $134

-5 Flashlights: $196

-12 Flashlights: $420

-20 Flashlights: $700

If you buy more flashlights from the official online store, the price can go to as low as $ 30 x flashlight.

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Tips for Doing Your Nails: never be afraid of color


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A Better Man-Bag? The Hazard 4 Kato

8.3tech score

For the last several weeks, I’ve been carrying around the Hazard 4 Kato – the newest addition to its “Mini-Messenger” lineup, designed specifically to house iPads and other tablet devices. As with all the Hazard 4 stuff I’ve seen to date, the Kato is well designed and well built. Construction quality is top-notch, and you can tell a lot of thought went into developing its numerous features. I won’t go into every single feature on this bag, but here’s a quick rundown:

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8.7tech score

In the past, I’ve complained about bags that have tons of Velcro and MOLLE on the outside, as looking too “tactical” for every day carry. My reasoning was simply that a tactical-looking bag draws too much attention to itself. Today I find myself reexamining my opinion.

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Hazard4 Sherman

8.8tech score

I’d been carrying the Hazard4 Kato to work for a while. It worked well on days when I only needed to take my usual EDC stuff, or as a carry-on when I had to get on a plane. I liked its functionality and the arrangement of compartments. But the Kato was a little too small if I needed to pack papers, books or files.

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