Hunting Boots- Find the Perfect Pair Today

When shopping for hunting boots, there are a few things you should look for. First of all, make sure the boots are sufficiently thick to protect your feet from sharp limbs or even snakes that you might not see when out in the early morning dark.

The boots should be warm enough to keep you comfortable, and durable enough to stand up to the abuse a hunter might put them through. If you tend to hunt in treacherous terrain, make sure the bottoms are equipped with rubber grips so that you are always safe and your footing is as sure as possible. If the boots allow you to creep, even better – you wouldn’t want to scare off your prey before you got in range.

Hunting Boots

The Lacross Men’s 10” Brawny II is a fantastic choice. At just $100, these boots are rugged. They have a rubber grip to stabilize your footing, and are thick enough that they protect from almost any snake you might encounter, but thin enough to be comfortable and allow mobility. Their Thinsulate build means your feet won’t freeze in that cool morning dew, and you can bring down any target by blending in due to their camouflage design.

Another option is the Wolverine Men’s King Caribou III Hunting Boots. These rugged hunting boots are almost waterproof, letting rain and moisture slide right off. The full cushion insole protects your knees from hard landings and missteps, and the rubber sole means you can stand on any surface without fear of slipping.

The upper portion of these hunting boots is toughened against puncture, so snakes aren’t a problem. At just $116, these hunting boots are an absolute bargain for any hunter.

Hunting BootsIf you’ll be in colder regions and aren’t as worried about snakes, the Bogs Men’s Classic High Boot is the choice for you. Comprised of neoprene and rubber, these hunting boots are completely waterproof and completely warm.

Rated for temperatures as low as -40 degrees, it might be freezing outside, but your feet will be positively toasty. The interior is also equipped with an anti-fungal liner, which means there won’t be a stink from any foot sweat that might build up. Starting at $60, these hunting boots are a great value.

For general, all-around functional hunting boots for any hunting, look to the Men’s Guide Gear 400. These boots are inexpensive at just $60 but offer the best of all worlds. Thin, lightweight, and durable, these as boots will take a beating and keep your feet warm while doing so.

Their plastic build means you won’t lose mobility, and their soles ensure a steady grip on whatever surface you might be on. Insanely comfortable and insanely useful, you can’t go wrong with these hunting boots.

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