Review: Taurus 605 Revolver


This Brazilian five round small caliber revolver, offers much more than it can be expected at first glance. Its simple construction belies its effectiveness. Add to that the fact it can be acquired for half the price of the competition, & you get one of a kind package that would be a shame to miss.

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Rock Island 1911A1 Review


2,074 rounds. That’s how long the Rock Island Armory Ultra FS 9mm 1911 has gone without a failure of any type. I’ll get the dull bits out of the way right here & now. The gun passed the 10-8 Function Test, passed the 100 round speed test, gave every single item I could think to throw at it, & became only the second gun to achieve a perfect 100/100 on the Gun Nuts 1911 Evaluation. The only other weapon to make a complete score? Tim’s Wilson Combat.

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