“Tactical Gloves” and “Combat Gloves” Guide and Comparison


Finding your first pair of “Tactical Gloves” / “Combat Gloves” can be a challenge, especially with all of the options available to you today! But lucky for you, all the information you need to get started is right here on this website including links (below) to some popular Tactical Glove / Combat Glove retailers!

There is a plethora of learning you can find about any pair of “tactical gloves” you find on the internet. So, you need to know what you’re looking for. Here is a list of some options you can choose from;

What to look for

Leather Palms

What kind of leather do you require on your palms? The most preferred kind is synthetic leather, goatskin leather, and sheep hair leather as they allow for the most dexterity.

Elemental Conditions

Do you plan on using your tactical gloves in an environment where your hands will be sweating a lot or would perhaps an environment where they will be exposed to some chilling elements? What about water, do you want your tactical gloves to be waterproof? Or maybe fireproof?

Ease of Use

Some tactical gloves include a “quick pull loop” which allows you to quickly slip on your tactical gloves without fumbling and wasting valuable seconds.


Security is a significant factor when dealing with “tactical gloves” / “combat gloves.” You have to option of having slash resistance, carbon-fiber knuckles, impact protection, reinforced fingertips and of course fire/flash resistance.
These are just some of the basics to look for when choosing the right tactical glove/combat glove for you.


A pair of gloves which is compatible with your other equipment is essential. You need to ensure that your tactical gloves do not interfere with your performance when using your tactical flashlights or night vision goggle unit.

Other factors you may look into are brand names; this is what we will be sorting the tactical gloves into as it is the easiest way to research. The pages linked below lead to guides written about each manufacturer’s gloves. There will not be a page about “Outdoor Research’s” tactical gloves. They make very high-quality winter gloves in the $200+ range with many dynamic features.

5.11 Tactical

By partnering with Ironclad Performance Wear, 5.11 Tactical Gloves set new standards for dexterity, fit, and durability. Their commitment to functional innovation and unparalleled quality, combined with Ironclad’s dedication to superior fit and tactility, means you can trust their tactical gloves as you navigate through the day’s challenges.



Formed in 1993 by former US Navy SEAL, Mike Noell, Blackhawk’s meticulous obsession with quality in their “tactical gloves” / “combat gloves” has made it the ops gear of choice for Special Operation units worldwide. Noell was inspired to make quality gear for troops after his issued gear ripped in an enemy minefield – notably a very inconvenient time. As such, Noell has sought after making quality gear for military units worldwide which can be relied on during its rugged use through Blackhawk Combat Gear’s Tactical Gloves.



Camelbak, the famous water carrying manufacturer, began its roots in 1988. Their first line of “tactical gloves” / “combat gloves” (non-aviation) was released in 2010 after extensive research and development. Camelbak understands that it is necessary for gloves and packs to be comfortable when being used in anything from bicycling to military deployments with their line of Camelbak Tactical Gloves. With unmatched quality, CamelBak has continued making tactical gloves for allied forces across the world.



Condor was started in 2006 after collaborating its efforts with another company to produce products with exclusive designs and specific requirements. Condor Outdoor Tactical Combat Gloves has over 20 years of combined experience in tactical and outdoor equipment which has led them to have great business relationships with over 1,000 retail dealers in the U.S. and Canada.



Damascus is a legacy brand with over 50 years of experience in glove and protective gear design for law enforcement and military. Their product line of tactical gloves focuses on head to toe non-ballistic protection. Damascus Tactical Gloves claims that there is no company in the marketplace of their product category who has a greater collective experience and knowledge in the latest materials, design techniques, and development.


Hatch provides quality gloves and other protective gear for uniformed duty, corrections, tactical, military, and more. Their “tactical gloves” / “combat gloves” are of the highest quality available regarding materials, construction, and durability. Hatch’s market driven designs incorporate the latest materials and technologies for the highest levels of protection and durability available. Their products are designed with the performance needs of the professional end user in mind and as such, have been a leading supplier of high-quality tactical gloves and other protective gear serving the LE, corrections, and military market through Hatch Tactical Gloves.



Ironclad was born on the job site. Its founder recognized the critical connection between your hands and your tools. His concept was to combine protection with performance and sacrifice neither. In 2005 Ironclad brought the revolution of dexterity, breathability, comfort, and protection to workwear. Ironclad Tactical Gloves began using technical fabrics which last longer, breathe better, regulate body temperature, decrease odor, block UV radiation, and pull sweat off your skin.


Line of Fire

Line of Fire is a company based in Alamo, California. Their products feature a gripping system named “TEGS” which offers an unrivaled grip. They feature a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty which covers defects in their gloves. All of their gloves come with 36-inches of TEGS tape as well. The line of Fire Tactical Gloves is designed around unique solutions to problems experienced on the field where conventional products have failed.



Established in 1991, Mechanix Wear® has been on the right path since day one. They were first used by pit crew teams at the Daytona 500 and have since been the leader in the high-performance work glove market. Every Mechanix Wear® product represents a total commitment to its intended use. They consider everything; right feel, style, quality, durability, value and function, There is a lot of dedication and pride in everything Mechanix Tactical Gloves does, and it all adds up to superior performing “tactical glove” / “combat glove” for its end user.



Engineered to optimize appearance and comfort for military staff, Oakley tactical gloves are also coveted by the lifestyle market. The company utilizes membrane technologies that keep waterproof yet breathable barriers. Temperature is controlled with reversible heat storage, a science developed for astronauts. Rejecting the flat cutouts of conventional garment design, Oakley Tactical Gloves uses CAD/CAM digital sculpturing to achieve the comfort and fit the end user. Additional technologies range from the temperature control of inflatable insulation systems to the impact protection of Bio Foam panels.


Ringers Tactical Gloves

Ringers tactical gloves is a top-of-the-line company offering tactical gloves and protective gear to those who need the protection most. Ringers were founded in 1996 by Kenny Dolenak, who was involved in an accident as a diesel mechanic. Dolenak saw the need for “tactical gloves” / “combat gloves” and gear, and built the company under the motto of “Designed by Mechanics for Mechanics.” Ringers Tactical Gloves has since expanded to include military and law enforcement tactical gloves and other protective

Under Armour

Under Armour was founded in 1996 and their gear is engineered to keep athletes cool, dry, and light throughout the entire mission or work out. They have three core product lines; HeatGear, ColdGear ®, and AllSeasonGear ® for a diverse variety of temperature extremes. Under Armour Tactical Gloves’ mission is to provide the world with technically advanced products engineered with their preferred fabric construction, exclusive moisture management, and proven innovation.


Wiley X

Wiley X provides some of the leading technology in eyewear and ballistic products for U.S. Military and Law Implementation personnel as well as civilians. As a leader in design and technology involving protective gear such as “tactical gloves” / “combat gloves,” Wiley X Tactical Gloves is confident in their products. They even go so far as to say that some of their products “have been tested to withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away.” Wiley X began supplying civilians with their products in 1987.


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