The Carver Scope Mount for the GLOCK Pistol


The Fat Lady has sung, and one mount reigns supreme for the GLOC
There have been good scope mounts for the GLOCK for quite some time. Every once in a while, a new one gets designed and manufactured that beats the current crop in one way or another, but it still isn’t quite the mount you had hoped for.

Bobby Carver of CARVER Mounts is a well-respected shooter and has used, or considered using, many of the different GLOCK mounts over the years as he has captured win after win on the GLOCK Sports Shooting Foundation (GSSF) circuit. Like many of his fellow shooters, he wasn’t entirely happy with any of the mounts he tried. The mounts either sat too high above the slide, were not entirely sturdy enough, strangely attached to the gun, didn’t entirely center the scope over the bore, didn’t have quite large enough mount area to accommodate some scopes, etc.

He finally took the matter into his own hands and set about to design the last GLOCK scope mount he, or any of the rest of us, would ever need. Rather than hide in the basement only to emerge months later with a Frankenstinian concoction only his friends would use, Bobby borrowed a page from the current open software movement, sharing his ideas and eliciting those of other competitive shooters. At least one test version went out to the reviewers who managed to improve on it even more before the final mount went into production.

The result is just the best scope mount that has ever been commercially available for the GLOCK pistol. We’ve used some of the other mounts and always ended up taking them off, hoping to find something better before the next match. We’ve tossed the other mounts off of the island, leaving the CARVER Mount as the sole survivor.

The Details

The CARVER Mount is manufactured with 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, making it light, yet very tough. The Weaver version weighs 4.10oz and the C-more version weighs 4.56oz. An Aimpoint version is in the works. The trigger pin (which replaces the GLOCK trigger pin) is made from 4140 Aircraft alloy Chrome Molly steel, hardened to 190,000-200,000. There are five parts to the mount which are hand assembled, torquing each screw into place. CARVER Mounts are available in black, blue, red, gold, and silver. The C-More version includes a blast shield at the front to help keep the optics cleaner.

There are many small details that highlight the level of design and quality that went into this product.

In the view from the rear at left, it’s easy to see how low the CARVER Mount sits on the gun. Despite this low position, in nearly 1000 rounds of lightly loaded target ammo (for which the ejected cases were barely limping from the weapon), only a couple got caught under the mount. And that’s entirely our fault as we were pushing the envelope a little too far. In competition, it operated flawlessly.

In the picture below, you can see how the mount was molded carefully around the ejection port, making sure that it wouldn’t interfere with the successful operation of the gun. The trigger pin (the sizeable black screw head at the rear) installs easily in place of the GLOCK part and has a generous amount of threading to attach to the nut on the other side of the mount. We’ve had real problems in the past with different mounts when the trigger pin part wasn’t long enough. During use, it would back out of the threads. Unless you happened to notice it (there were no symptoms), it would proceed to bash itself into the threads until it was unusable. It couldn’t be fixed, and a replacement part had to be ordered. This won’t be happening with the CARVER Mount.

The CARVER Mount fits only the new style GLOCK frame with the accessory rail. The front of the mount slides onto the tracks, and then you insert the trigger pin and screw it into the nut on the other side of the mount. If you clean your GLOCK, you’ll have little to no trouble installing this mount. While the early version we received for testing didn’t have any instructions in the box (and we didn’t need them), we expect the shipping version will come with installation instructions.

Given how tightly the mount grips the accessory rail, Carver probably could have stopped there. The whole package was already excellent. Instead, he added a plate that installs under the accessory rail, inserting a machined post into the notch under the fence. This exerts some additional pressure on the frame making for a very rigid fit and assuring that the CARVER Mount won’t move around. You can see the detail of this part in the picture below.

Since some shooters like to add weights to dampen recoil further, we won’t be surprised to find Carver offering different versions of this plate or longer screws and loads that will attach to this part.

All of that rigidity pays an extra dividend — it stabilizes the polymer frame, reducing the loss of energy during recoil. This may explain why our lightly loaded target rounds worked at all. The red dot of the scope bounces around very little with this mount.

We believe the CARVER Mount provides a real competitive edge. And we aren’t the only ones. Champion competitor Dale Rhea says “I have seen them all and the Carver mount is by far the best.”

Just for fun, here are some different competitor’s guns with their CARVER Mount installed. Click on the picture to get a larger version. The first picture shows an earlier version of the mount.

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