Most men who are serious about their work clothing are usually also serious about their work boots while they are at work. Many retailers offer work boots for men, in a wide variety of styles and brand names. Serious customers are usually looking for a job boots that are at least durable, are reasonably protective, and are slip resistant.

One of the leading causes of workplace accidents, according to Newton (2012), is carelessness, which covers a lot of things but also includes not having the appropriate footwear. Excellent work boots are significantly important, especially in jobs that tend to be more hazardous than other jobs, such as clerical work or marketing, for example.

But work boots are certainly not all the same, nor should they be. Joel Sussman, a marketing specialist for Mountain Media, discusses the kinds of work boots available in the marketplace.

Sussman points out that specific types of work call for certain unique features that are not present in all work boots. For example, he uses the example of a painter needing a 90° heel cut for stability on ladders and scaffolding. Other occupations, such as construction, may require work boots that are relatively neat when tracking indoors.

Work boots for men are available with what is known as a low-lug wedge, which tends to keep the soles of boots relatively clean, even when tracking through dark places. Other occupations may require certain kinds of traction, ankle support, and comfort features such as insulation and extra cushioning. One thing that Sussman points out is that if a feature isn’t included in the description of the boot, the boot probably doesn’t have it.

A recent trend in shopping for work boots for men has been the availability of a broad diversity of styles and brand names online. That kind of shopping has some advantages that retail shopping does not. Internet shopping allows someone to shop without leaving home, and to compare many styles at the same time. is a great place to buy work boots for men, with more than 3,000 different styles, colors, tread wear, construction materials, and other features. There is also a good representation of great brands to consider when thinking about buying work boots for men: Wolverine, Chippewa, Merrell, Timberland, Red Wing, Columbia, Caterpillar, and Justin.

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